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Has he got enough weed?

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in honor of Halloween I carved this “The 1975” pumpkin!


when you accidentally type The 1875 instead of The 1975


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okay i love this so much

it’s sex (the album version) layered 3 times over itself, and what i love most about it is that i managed to get a bunch of the “shes got a boyfriend anyway”s to sync up during the song and i think it sounds so cool

check out more of my edits here 

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Never Mind the Buzzcocks S28E01 - YouTube →

Matty on Never Mind the Buzzcocks !!!


I just asked for the 1975 album and the lady went,”It’s 2014.”

well in 2015 this post will be irrelevant

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Matty Healy // X // (via fromthe1975)

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I get lost in people’s faces, in the kids who are crying. It’s very seldom I don’t jump down after a song to hug a kid who’s crying, because it means so much to me – it’s not about your experience, it’s about their experience. And I understand the sense of connection fans get when I interact with them at a show.
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